Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month


We all celebrate our Hispanic Heritage in different ways, but there is one thing we have in common, the love for food. Our flavors and traditions bring our family together, all with full bellies and happy hearts.

See how our dear friends celebrated their roots cooking delicious family recipes with a personal touch.

Karla Martínez is renewing her traditions by using her grandmother’s recipes with a twist. She shared with us two traditional Mexican dishes: the tasty Roasted Poblanos with Tropical Queso Blanco and Mexican Cream, as well as some delicious chilaquiles in green sauce with Tropical Queso Fresco and Crema Mexicana.

Recetas Lily’ Lilibeth Ramírez shared with us a variation of one of her childhood favorites: “golfeados”, which are found in any bakery in Venezuela. And to renew this delicious tradition, she prepared a salty version with ham and Tropical Queso Blanco.

Rashel Díaz showed us another way of renewing traditions, using the Queso de Freír as her grandmother did, perfect golden brown, but put it in a delicious salad. The versatility of the Tropical Cheese is as great as our cuisines. We can diversify the recipes and adapt them to our lifestyle and our families, especially for our children to enjoy healthy and tasty meals. If you prefer cheese without frying, remember that this Tropical Queso de Freír or our Grillin ‘Cheese can be grilled or pan seared without melting.

Rashel Díaz also prepared a delicious dessert no one could resist. Baked plantains filled with guava paste and Tropical Queso Blanco. The three favorite ingredients of many families come together to create this mouthwatering plate that will have the family asking for more. Latin American countries use these ingredients in different ways, but this dessert can make everyone happy.

So now you can celebrate with Mexican, Venezuelan or Cuban flavors, in addition to your own. Enjoy these recipes and our delicious Hispanic Heritage.