Queso Ecuatoriano
Ecuador | South America

Queso Ecuatoriano

Ecuadorian-Style Cheese

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Queso Ecuatoriano is a fresh "homemade-style" white cheese.  This cheese is perfect for traditional Ecuadorian dishes such as humitas, maduros con queso, llapingachos, or simply as a snack with some crackers.

Sizes : 6x12oz

Nutritional Facts

Made with
Real Cow's Milk
Uses No Growth
70 Calories | 16 Servings*
Total Fat 3.5g4%Total Carbohydrate 4g1%
Saturated Fat 2.5g13%Dietary Fiber 0g0%
Trans Fat 0gTotal Sugars 1g
Cholesterol 150mg7%Incl. 0g Added Sugars0%
Sodium mg%Protein 6g
Vitamin D 6% | Calcium 15% | Iron 0% | Potassium 0% |
*Serving Size: 1 once (28g)
Ecuador | South America