Queso Fresco Guatemalteco

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Tropical Queso Fresco Guatemalteco has the authentic flavor and texture of Guatemalan cheese, which is part of everyday meals as well as traditional recipes of the region.

Tropical Queso Fresco Guatemalteco crumbles easily, which makes it ideal for topping delicious dishes such as Guatemalan enchiladas, dobladas, elotes locos (seasoned corn on the cob), rellenos de plátano (stuffed plantains) and a wide variety of tamales such as corn, bean, and “chuchitos”. This cheese is so delicious that Guatemalans enjoy it alone in a freshly made, warm corn tortilla with beans.

Due to the geographical proximity of Guatemala and El Salvador, there are similarities in the cuisine of both countries. Such is the case of the enchilada and the quesadilla which use tasty Queso Fresco in their preparation. Their closeness to Mexico and its pre-Hispanic culture results in tasty foods, such as chilaquiles, elotes, and the use of corn tortillas. All these delightful dishes have Queso Fresco in common.

Guatemala also celebrates the Day of the Dead, a tradition generally associated with Mexico. Both celebrations have the same origin and principle, but some customs and foods vary. In Guatemala, a typical dish associated with this date is Fiambre which uses multiple ingredients including cold meats, Guatemalan cheese, and vegetables. Fiambre is a colorful and flavorful dish reflecting the joy and vibrancy of the culture.

Enjoy the authentic flavors of Guatemala with Queso Guatemalteco, and try Tropical Crema Guatemalteca. Prepare this delicious Guatemalan Chicken in Cream for your next party! You can buy Tropical Queso Fresco Guatemalteco at any supermarket where Tropical products are sold; use our Store Locator to find a location near you.

Size: 6x12oz