Inspired and dedicated to the Hispanic community


Thirty years after emigrating from Cuba and after already establishing a milk distribution business in Perth Amboy, NJ, Rafael Mendez noticed that in the Northeast, there was no Hispanic cheese company to cover the taste and needs of the Hispanic community. That’s how Tropical Cheese was born.

Back then, the concentration of immigrants from the Caribbean asked for Queso de Freír and Queso Blanco. Then came the Queso Fresco and Cotija for Mexicans, Queso Fresco and various cremas for Central Americans and Quesito ColombianoEcuatoriano and Peruano, among others, for South American arrivals.

Now, Tropical Cheese is the East Coast market leader, made by Hispanics, with 95% of their 400 employees being of Hispanic origin.

The Pandemic brought a high demand, which made us work day and night to try to bring the taste of home to the Hispanic community and more. Now, our bond is even stronger — we are grateful for our loyal consumers every single day since the beginning.

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