Mexican Longaniza

Mexican Longaniza

Mexican Style Cured Sausage

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What is Mexican longaniza?

Mexican longaniza is a type of sausage similar to chorizo. Tropical Mexican Longaniza is made with pork and seasoned with salt, vinegar, and paprika in the traditional Mexican style.

What is the difference between chorizo and longaniza?

Chorizo and Mexican longaniza are very similar yet they can vary in the type of meat with which they are prepared, the seasonings and the way they are packaged. In Mexico they can be used interchangeably. Both have a spicy flavor due to the paprika; both have to be cooked before being consumed and their casing should be removed.

How to cook Mexican longaniza?

Mexican longaniza can be cooked in a pan or on the grill without the need for additional oil. It is commonly used in various Mexican dishes such as tacos, tortas, and sopes, and can substitute chorizo in traditional dishes. Popular recipes with Mexican longaniza include potatoes with longaniza, eggs with longaniza and queso fundido with longaniza, which are simple yet delicious ways to enjoy it.

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Size: 8x14oz