Christmas Charcuterie Board

This appetizing Christmas Charcuterie Board looks elegant and is delicious. The festive wreath shape makes it easy to assemble, and you can include a wide variety of Tropical Cheeses, Meats, and even our Arepas. Get a round board, leave the center free, and start assembling all the ingredients. Do it with your family or friends to make the preparation part of the fun. Enjoy this Christmas Charcuterie Board for your next party, and Happy Holidays!





  • 10 green olives, pitted
  • A handful of dried fruit such as apricot
  • A handful of mixed nuts
  • 3-4 small bunches of red grapes
  • 7-10 rosemary sprigs for decoration (depending on board size)

Christmas cookie cutter(s) – such as a star, tree, or gingerbread man


  1. Cut, slice, cube, and roll the ingredients as instructed in the list.
  2. On a big round board, leaving the center free, place separate little bowls with olives, dried fruit, and nut mix.
  3. Place sticks of Queso de Papa, and the rolls of White Turkey separately.
  4. Cut thick slices of Chorizo Mexicano in a pan over medium heat. Don’t use oil. Cook them on both sides until they are well-done and golden brown. Drain them on a paper-lined towel for a few minutes, then place them on the board.
  5. Add Gouda Cheese cubes, wedges of Queso Fresco with Jalapeño, and slices of Salami Popular.
  6. Warm the Arepas de Choclo on a griddle until soft. Then use the festive cookie cutter(s) to cut out shapes, and place them on the board, spreading a couple of them across the board for decoration.
  7. Add Edam cheese slices, Honey Ham rolls, and Extra Sharp Cheddar cubes.
  8. Use the same or another festive cookie cutter for the Munster Cheese Slices, and spread the shapes around.
  9. Finish by filling any gaps with grapes and place rosemary sprigs around the board to give it the perfect wreath touch.