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Colombian Chorizo

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Chorizo ​​is very popular in Colombia and is used in everyday dishes in homes as well as found in restaurants and street stalls. It is especially common in central Colombia and is part of many typical dishes such as the Paisa platter and Picadera platter.

What is Colombian Chorizo ​​made of?

Tropical Colombian Chorizo is a cured and smoked Colombian pork sausage. It is seasoned with vinegar, garlic, and paprika to give it a traditional Colombian flavor.

How do you eat Colombian Chorizo?

Chorizo ​​is consumed throughout Colombia, but it is especially popular in the Paisa region which is why it is an essential ingredient in the Paisa or Antioquia platter, which is one of the most representative dishes of Colombia. It’s made of beans, rice, crispy pork belly, Colombian chorizo, beef, white cheese, a fried egg, fried plantain, avocado, and arepa. It really has it all!

Other common dishes with Colombian Chorizo ​​are Arroz con Chorizo, the Asturian stuffed arepa, the Picadera Platter, fried chorizo ​​with potatoes, and lentils with chorizo.  This Chorizo can be eaten with arepas at any time of the day or enjoyed alone with a squeeze of lemon.

How is Colombian Chorizo ​​cooked?

Chorizo must be cooked for consumption. Usually, just a little oil is needed until it turns golden brown. It can be prepared with other ingredients of your choice, but has a lot of flavor on its own.

Try Colombian Chorizo ​​and other Tropical Colombian products such as Quesito Colombiano, Queso para Pan de Bono, a wide variety of Arepas (white, with cheese, yellow, yuca, and sweet), and Kumis, a drinkable yogurt.

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