Queso Blanco

Tropical Queso Blanco- is a creamy, mild tasting white cheese that is most popular among people of Caribbean descent including Cubans, Dominicans, and Puerto Ricans as well as Central and South Americans. It is a great snacking cheese traditionally served with guava paste/guava preserves as a dessert. It pairs well with fresh fruit such as pineapple, mango, and kiwi. It’s also typically served with crackers, salami, and olives or sliced for use in a sandwich. While this cheese does not melt, it does soften and when shredded, providing great flavor and texture as a stuffing for meatballs and empanadas or as an ingredient in lasagnas, omelets, and casseroles.


Queso de Freir

Tropical Queso de Freir- Tropical Queso de Freir has the reputation of being the highest quality and most consistent frying cheese in the country. It fries to a crispy golden brown without breading or melting. Traditionally, it is consumed in the Dominican Republic as part of their breakfast accompanied by eggs, mangu (mashed plantains), and fried salami. It is also widely consumed in Nicaragua as an accompaniment to any meal. A version of this cheese, known as Halloumi, is consumed in Greece and other versions are enjoyed throughout the world. The possibilities for using these cheese are many. It can be deep fried, grilled, or pan seared. It can serve as a substitute for sandwich bread or mozzarella sticks, added to a salad in place of croutons, or added to pasta. Our Queso de Freir can be grilled with fruit, vegetables, and chorizo on skewers or fried and paired with different dipping sauces.



Queso Fresco Mexicano

Tropical Queso Fresco Mexicano- Queso Fresco is the most consumed cheese by the Mexican community. It is soft and moist with a mild taste and fine grain texture. It does not melt when heated and is often crumbled and used as a topping or filling in cooked dishes. Traditionally this cheese is used to top tacos, enchiladas, flautas, and tostadas. It can also be used to stuff peppers or as an ingredient in salads and cheesecake.



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